Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's better than a three wolf moon shirt?

I'll bet you look better elsewhere than you do on the dancefloor.

I never got the Arctic Monkeys. And by that I mean that all of their singles have been boring and repetitive as fuck. It's been done, UK, so stop it already. But then a little birdy told me that they were actually good, but somehow had been marketed as some sort of sneering britpunk knockoff, like the Libertines if they had got radioplay in the US. And it fits, because basically they've been shown off as the viable commercial version of all those UK bands that refused to play nice. They were fun whilst Oasis demanded to be dour, and they wouldn't go on any Clash-esque political rants or Pete Doherty-esque drug binges. Basically they became the Puddle Of Mudd of Great Britain (after Kurt Cobain died, David Geffen led the charge in finding the new grunge forebearer, and he failed miserably with Puddle.)

But despite my opinion of them changing, I hadn't really gotten into the polar primates. Until now:

It's a kicking single which doesn't resort to speed, danceyness or sneer for its power and it's got a crazy video to boot. Throw in the fact that my hero, Josh Homme, produced their new LP, and you've got a winning formula. Sign me up twice.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got pranked.

well sorta. I left myself signed in to blogspot somewhere and in a banana second someone had posted two videos. But now I feel like i've robbed you of two videos, so here's some replacement tunes: