Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Coachella Stuff, Some Other Stuff

So I now have the master press contact list for Coachella, which is awesome. It's got all the press info for every artist big and small and so now I can start harassing them for interviews. I also got a hotel booked, so no more sleeping on top of a borrowed tent that just so happens to lack poles. Although, when I look back, that was a pretty rocking time for Kobane and I. Just some good old fashioned skin-o-the-teeth adventurin'. But this time we'll be pretending to be professional, so we'll need to be able to rest and write/upload photos.

The Plastiscines, who will be at Coachella, are very pretty.

See what I mean? I'm really hoping that they speak capable english, because I really want an interview.

I'm thinking of doing an interview for every nation represented at Coachella. Here's the tentative list:
Canada: Stars
England: Does It Offend You Yeah?
Scotland: Calvin Johnson
Ireland: Flogging Molly
France: The Plastiscines
Germany: Boys Noize
Iceland: Mum
Sweden: I'm From Barcelona
Mexico: Austin TV
Australia: Midnight Juggernauts
Ukraine: Gogol Bordello
Brazil: Bondo De Role
Norway: 120 Days

The Swell Season is from the Czech Republic (but live in Ireland) but they're not doing any press.

Oh, and I found this surfing for photos of SFA (that event at the beauty bar I'm trying to go to). It's pics from that gossip show that I sold out at.

There's more, but why would you want to look at any pictures without me in them?

Also... New Murder By Death is always a good thing. I'm not going to say for a fact that i've gotten a digital copy and deem it to be probably the best record they've done yet, but I will say that it's their best album yet and i'm so buying it on march 4th despite the digital copy I may or mayn't already have listened to. March 4th!

Just check these lyrics from songmeanings:
I had jade colored eyes that shimmered in the sun,
if you stared at them too long,
you'd catch a glimpse of what I've done.
The faces of the damned,
and all the butchered lambs...
If I had to do it over,
I just woulda done it slower.

When we meet, you will see;
I will destroy everything of beauty.
When we meet then you'll know;
I'll be the axe that clears the forest.

He makes Colin Meloy look like Scott Stapp. But like a virginal Scott Stapp.

In before flame!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Few Points Of Business

First off, some may have noticed that I've been gettin' into some more electronic music lately, and it has quite a bit to do with my new found interest in making electronic music. It's currently on hold until I can get a proper laptop, which will be when the dirty bitches down at Apple finally get around to making a proper notebook update (fuck the air, daddy needs a Pro strength laptop) i'll begin. Then hopefully i'll have more shit to post, like DJ mixes and gigs. s'word.

Anyways, If you want some semi-challenging, very funky electronic mixes to put on at your party, banggangpodcast.com would be a great place to start. Anything Bag Raiders does pretty much has my seal of approval.

Also, if you're not into Does It Offend You, Yeah? yet, you're way behind already.

Another plug: Villains

Last one, for real, i'm going to this:

should be fun. If you're 21 and like free dance parties with free alcoholic energy beverages that taste sort of like Lik-M-Aid, perhaps you should join. Due to it being in L.A., a caravan is forming now for the March 3rd Kill The Noise edition of Still Fucking Awesome.

In other biz, I went to St. Vincent and she was great. And not just cause she's really pretty.

Zooey Deschanel is in a band now. And it sounds nice.

I'm still waiting to be put up as official associate editor for Ground Control. any day now.

This week the Union Weekly undergoes drastic changes. It's gonna be hard work, wish us all luck.

And hey, if anyone wants to come over to my new place and see it I'd be more than happy to accomodate you for a mini-dini party. We can have some food and/or drinks and then marvel at the vacuousness of my furniture-less existence.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Accidentally sold out. And purposefully moved in.

I managed to be filmed for MTV last night. Complete accident.

I went to a secret show for the Gossip, a band I enjoy but also take great pleasure in assaulting with insult. I had actually been more psyched for Mika Miko, an adorably hip 5-piece all-girl fun-punk band that i've written more than once about for the LA Rec. Chris Z. can't get enough of those ladies. Neither can I.

ANYWAYS... I went to The Smell, a hole in the wall downtown in a terrifying neighborhood that definitely lives up to it's name, and got in for free by namedropping the Record and Michelle Suarez (the guitarist for Mika Miko). As soon as I walked in I was assaulted with noise that I assumed immediately was just the remnant sound of a DIY-noise group off in the distance. Nope. It was the remnant noise of a guy onstage making earsplitting noise. No exaggeration whatsoever, he had a box with knobs and plugs and it JUST MADE NOISE. No rhythms, no melodies, no notes at all. the squealing of a box, programmed to hate. The strange thing was that people seemed genuinely interested in this. Somehow I had stumbled into Plato's cave, and it was breaking my eardrums.

I should mention at this point that I kept my jacket on since I was afraid to leave it or anything else of value in my car. I was parked in the only lot left open and it was completely unattended, so i wasn't going to risk a wallet full of cash or a nice coat to the few savages I saw out and about.

Panther was the next band on, and I actually had fun listening to them. Despite constant sound problems and a few song-ending fuckups, they kept their spirits up and grooved rather hard. I should also mention I was trying not to stare at Gossip drummer Hannah Blilie (also the twin sister of Blood Brothers' vocalist Jordan Blilie, there was a very obvious resemblance) who just looks really fucking cool.

Mika Miko is really too damn fun to be as local and approachable as they are. I say approachable in the figurative sense, because i'm certainly not about to approach them (what the fuck would I say?). Anyways, they put on a hell of a show. A helluva show. I don't suggest listening to recordings of them, because they always put the guitars too low. But in a live setting, the shit gets hectic. wicked hectic.

On a related note, an old man with a hideous toupee (the thing covered his ears) came into the office today to give us a copy of the Union that he had scribbled on. He scribbled next to the staff box, with arrows pointing to six editors' names, "ALL OF YOU MUST STOP YOUR HORRIBLE MIND POLLUTING NEWS WITH FILTHY WORDS!!!!!!" And "REPORT WITH UNFILTHY RESPECTFUL LANGUAGE!" and then some bible shit. Also, Miles came up with a character called Retarded Mayor and it made me laugh all day. Seriously, fuckin' retarded mayor. too good.

So then, as the Gossip was setting up, I noticed someone with a huge camera. Huge as in two people must operate it. Hmm.. I thought. Maybe they're doing a live DVD or some extras for a new record. And then a man with one of those movie snap things jumped up on the stage. the snap thing said "MTV 52 Bands The Gossip/The Smell" and that's when I knew I was probably going to be on MTV.

The camera was pretty much all up in my christmas for the whole show. I was front and center and more than once found myself bumping into this thing. For some reason I felt obligated to rock harder than normal since it was on camera and I can safely say I left it all at the gig. I was a sweaty, moshed out pulp of kid afterwards. And it was super-cool. I did all the usual front-row fan stuff, including shouting the lyrics into the face of the singer and staring in awe when appropriate. I'm SO gonna be on MTV. You just wait.

Anyways, here's some photos of my new place, any y'all are welcome to come over for mini-housewarmings; since I won't be having a regular housewarming and there's no place for that many people to sit.

EDIT: Look close in that last photo. Yeah, that's the ocean. And i've just got like a ton of ocean. check it:

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