Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Dredg


I've heard grumblings from a few people about the new album, but fear not: they are wrong and this album is fucking awesome. I feel as though their sonic and stylistic repertoire is expanding, and that's what's making people who worshipped at the throne of El Cielo and then Judas'd Catch Without Arms (which is actually a ridiculously solid album when you analyze it track by track) so very uncomfortable. (I apologize for the length of that sentence)

Anyways, this album has just a thousand new sounds, and i've been having an absolute ball picking it all apart. I wouldn't recommend it to all of you out in internarnia, but for some it will hold a great cascade of delights.

Also, note the drummer playing piano in the video and the wrench on the pedal steel. bodacious.

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