Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coachella's strict "No Outside Alcohol" policy claims another victim

Bringing back an old joke: "They tried to make me play a concert..."

If you hadn't heard, Amy Winehouse is going to be having a Staycation this April. She'll be abandoning the contract-ordered gig at Coachella so she can spend more time with her lawyer.

Which is cool, because now the Coachella poster looks like this:

It's actually kinda sad though, because I had the chance to see Amy at her first Coachella 2 years ago. She performed thoroughly beautifully and was a consummate professional despite drinking through the entirety of the set. It was sorta.. kinda.. charming back then. There was no paparazzi and nobody assaulted anyone. Call it the Golden Age of Winehouse. The Amy Of Aquarius.

Amyways, The lineup still looks great and the hubbub allowed me to look again and see that The Orb, Etienne De Crecy, Plump DJs & Murder City Devils have been added to day 3. So I guess that means it's time for...


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