Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Listen to a Coachella Band right now: Part 1

This is a little out of step with my usual penchant for aggressive slow-core with electro-polyrhythms, but I like this song so i'm putting it up. It's by Dear & The Headlights (terrible) and it sounds like a lovesick Sparta.

This is a band i'm excited to see called A Place To Bury Strangers. It's like hypno-frantic shoe-gaze psych-space. yeah, i dig it.

This is N.A.S.A. and it's a DJ collective. I suppose that means they won't be performing this, but they'll probably do something relatively similar and it's a sick-ass video featuring the art of Shepard Fairey. win-win.

People Under The Stairs: I love this. Blends my love of Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest style versework with ironic T-shirt wearing. Note the Zep shirt on Double K.

Apparently this band is too cool for embedded videos. And by apparently, i mean they're really cool. So click, you bastard: it's White Lies. "DEATH"

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