Friday, June 20, 2008

GIRL TALK. New Album!!!

If you can't pay, that's okay, you just have to click a reason why.

If you pay 5 bucks or more, you get a mixtape version (one big track).

If you pay 10 bucks or more, you get a physical copy of the album when it comes out in a couple months.

If you're not familiar with Girl Talk, it's sample-based insanity. If you're already part & parcel in the party people, rest assured the crazy juxtapositions are just as sharp and twice as shocking.

Example Honorees:

Flo Rida "Low" + Velvets "Sunday Morning"

Procol Harum "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" (AKA that soft organ tune that's instantly recognizable but otherwise a mystery) + Youngbloodz "Damn"

The Band "The Weight" + Young Joc "It's Going Down"

Radiohead "Paranoid Android" + Jay-Z "Roc Boys"

MIA "Boyz" + The Cranberries "Dreams"

Radiohead "15 Step" + Blackstreet "No Diggity" + Kanye "Flashing Lights"

Runner-Up Example:

Soulja Boy + The Cure + Thin Lizzy (check it yourself, it's amazing)

The Piece d' Resizzle:

Metallica "One" + Lil Mama "Lip Gloss"swooooon.

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