Monday, March 24, 2008


Those shades are fucking powerful. They instantly photoshop any image they appear in.

I found this lyric quiz which forgoes the usual banality by listing every word in the song in alphabetical order. It's remarkably difficult, but I knuckled up and succeeded wildly. See if you can beat my score (I don't trust your word as to what score you get, so don't try to wow me with a better score than I put down.

Are you the Alpha lyric trivia master?

Most of the ones I missed I wasn't bummed about (some of them I've only listened to once), but #48 really made me feel foolish.

Ultimately, I got 28 out of 50 correct, and as far as i'm concerned that is world champ level lyric identification. I may have to make a trophy up for myself.

As an addition to the quiz, i've added the following 5 songs simply because they look awesome when alphabetically rearranged. Guess 'em!

2 a Afghanistan AIDS airline Alabama always and anymore Arabia are Around away Ayatollah's back Bardot Bay baseball Beatlemania beats been Begin Belgians Ben Berlin Bernie Bien Birth Bloc blown bomb Brando Bridge British Brooklyn's Buddy Budapest burn burning But California Campanella can't Castro Catcher Charlse Checker Chi children China China's Chou Chubby Clock Communist cola Congo control crack Crockett Davy Day dacron Dean debts didn't Dien DiMaggio Disneyland do Doris Dylan Edsel Eichmann Einstein Eisenhower else Elvis En-Lai England's falls fight fire Foreign Fortune Gaulle Glenn go Goetz goodbye got gone Grace H Harry have heavy Hemingway Ho Holly homeless homicide hoops Hula Hur Hypodermics I in invasion Iran is It James JFK Joe John Johnnie Joseph Juan Kennedy Kerouac King Korea Krushchev Kwai Land law Lawrence Lebanon Liberace light Liston Little Mafia Malcolm Malenkov Mantle Marciano Marilyn martial McCarthy metal Mickey Minh Miss monkey Monroe Moonshot Nasser Nixon new No North of Ole on Pacific Palestine Pan Panmunjom Pasternak Patterson Paul payola Peron Peter Peyton Pigs Phu Place politician Pope Presley Princess Prokofiev Psycho punk queen Ray Reagan Red Rhee Richard Ride River roller Rock Rockefeller Rosenbergs Roy Russians Rye Sally say sex shores Since Santayana South space Sputnik Stalin Starkweather start Strange Stranger Studebaker Suez Sugar suicide Syngman take team television terror thalidomide The to Toscanini tried trouble Truman turning U under vaccine vets Walter wars was Watergate We what Wheel when Will Winchell winning Woodstock world's X

After Do Better Ever Faster Harder Hour Is It Make Makes More Never Our Over stronger Than Us Work

3 a ability afraid all also an and animals antibiotics ants associate at baby back bad bank better boiling but cage calculated calm car careful cat chance charity check childish comfortable concerned contact contemporaries credit cries cry dark days dinners down dreams drink drinking driven ease eating employee enjoy escape exercise fats favours film fitter fond for frequently friends frozen getting good grip gym healthier hole illness in into keep killing kisses laugh less like longer love memory microwave midday moral more moths much never no not nothing now of old on or orders pace paranoia patient pig plughole powerless productive public saturated shadows so spiders the then to too washing well with

a again alive all An and another around asleep back be beach believe belly beneath break broken bump bumped But came can Chop chords chorus city coda come comes coming confess could crashing cry crystal curse days die divides Do Doing down dress drop drug earthy else ever Face faith feel feeling fell for four freak games get give given gives go goes gold golden Good-bye got ground grows head her hit hold holding How I I'm in inside is it its jaws just Keep kind life lift like line listening little lives living locked made make mattress me meth motivation must my myself no nose not nothing now of on One Ovation over own packed panties pass pictures place plane play priestess red rhythm right rips rose round run said sand say says scared Semi-charmed she she's show sips sky Slide smile Smiling Some something speak stage Still stock stop struggling survive take takes taking test that the them then there They this Those through tick-tock to toes took tripped until up urge velvet verse want we wearing were we're what when where Will wish with won't would you You're

Alcohol and C-c-c-c-c Cocaine Ecstasy Marijuana Nicotine Valium Vicodin

enjoy. Post your answers if you'd like. i'm certainly not telling.

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