Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pitchfork: Old And Busted; Ifoughtthelol: New Hottness

RichDork has once again proved how annoyingly predictable by pouring serious derision on something that's awesome but doesn't fit into their canon of musical cool. Let's look at some quotes:

"Barely adequate dance-rock to keep you occupied until the next Klaxons record"

That's funny, because I have never even given thought to the possibility of a new Klaxons record. If it means new Klaxons track remixes, though, i'll get on board.

"like they've bought up some old Chemical Brothers kit on eBay and haven't read the manual yet"

Name drops in total throughout this article: 5. (two were for the klaxons, who are treated only in the warmest, most fellatious tones)

If you couldn't yet sense the consistent theme of "These guys aren't sounding like the band I like and they don't appear to notice that and it makes me very angry," here's the piece d'resistance:

"old-school ravers... they're just rightly pissed at the band's tired ideas and terminal complacency."

What a logomancer we have in Tom Ewing,
another successful graduate of the Pitchfork School of High-handed Language With Vague Intent and Utter Knowitallism.


Did I ever tell the story about how the Pitchfork internet cunt threatened my life via a Radiohead forum? Seems he was upset that the forum folk loved my In Rainbows review more vocally than PF preferred.

Pitchfork Media: The Internet Tastemaker Without Any Taste Of It's Own.

"And we rule." Oh Pitchfork, your snarky sarcasm always gives me the giggles. I wish I had enough thesauruses to be like you guys.

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