Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My blog helps me be more self-absorbed

Today I got back the photos from the USU Year In Review bit that I did a stint modeling for. Needless to say, I look amazing. They all came with the phrase "Courtesy of Bonzon" written all over disc and folders, so due diligence suggests I mention that these photos are courtesy of Bonzon.

They told me to bring something that represents me so I brought my headphones. All in all it was a fun experience, up until they made me take off my top. "I'm a male model, not a male prostitute!" Ahh, now that was a great album. (the show wasn't bad either)

Anyways, I feel I should also mention that when I posted those VBS.TV clips about North Korea (which you need to watch if you haven't) were at the request of Biz 3, a publicity company (and just cool folk) that I work with a lot for shows since they tend to have the best acts on their roster. What I realized after directing Biz' Dana to my blog to see that I'd posted the NK vids was that Crystal Castles is one of their acts. So not only did she see my CC post from a ways back, but she also saw the image I made. She was very amused and sent a copy over to Crystal Castles! So cool. I love being a media stooge.

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