Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some Coachella Stuff, Some Other Stuff

So I now have the master press contact list for Coachella, which is awesome. It's got all the press info for every artist big and small and so now I can start harassing them for interviews. I also got a hotel booked, so no more sleeping on top of a borrowed tent that just so happens to lack poles. Although, when I look back, that was a pretty rocking time for Kobane and I. Just some good old fashioned skin-o-the-teeth adventurin'. But this time we'll be pretending to be professional, so we'll need to be able to rest and write/upload photos.

The Plastiscines, who will be at Coachella, are very pretty.

See what I mean? I'm really hoping that they speak capable english, because I really want an interview.

I'm thinking of doing an interview for every nation represented at Coachella. Here's the tentative list:
Canada: Stars
England: Does It Offend You Yeah?
Scotland: Calvin Johnson
Ireland: Flogging Molly
France: The Plastiscines
Germany: Boys Noize
Iceland: Mum
Sweden: I'm From Barcelona
Mexico: Austin TV
Australia: Midnight Juggernauts
Ukraine: Gogol Bordello
Brazil: Bondo De Role
Norway: 120 Days

The Swell Season is from the Czech Republic (but live in Ireland) but they're not doing any press.

Oh, and I found this surfing for photos of SFA (that event at the beauty bar I'm trying to go to). It's pics from that gossip show that I sold out at.

There's more, but why would you want to look at any pictures without me in them?

Also... New Murder By Death is always a good thing. I'm not going to say for a fact that i've gotten a digital copy and deem it to be probably the best record they've done yet, but I will say that it's their best album yet and i'm so buying it on march 4th despite the digital copy I may or mayn't already have listened to. March 4th!

Just check these lyrics from songmeanings:
I had jade colored eyes that shimmered in the sun,
if you stared at them too long,
you'd catch a glimpse of what I've done.
The faces of the damned,
and all the butchered lambs...
If I had to do it over,
I just woulda done it slower.

When we meet, you will see;
I will destroy everything of beauty.
When we meet then you'll know;
I'll be the axe that clears the forest.

He makes Colin Meloy look like Scott Stapp. But like a virginal Scott Stapp.

In before flame!

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