Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well now I have to go.

Dredg is going to be at Coachella.

Which means I will be too.

Also, Austin TV is crazy.

In fake news, here's a fake coachella lineup:

Cool colors, huh? Okay, so here's why this is fake:
1) Dredg is in all caps. They would take issue with that.
2) It's "Blitzen Trapper," not "Blitzen Trappers."
3) If Liam Sullivan we're going to do a Kelly show ("Shoes" and "Borrow That Top"), he would list the show, and has previously done so at Detour Fest, simply as 'Kelly.'
4) I'm assuming Comedians Of Comedy will be at Coachella, and they're not listed.
5) Third Eye Blind is listed, and my nostalgia-powered rocketship still sits dormant on the launchpad.

P.S. God I wish it were real.

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