Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple Hates Me. Stop Hating Me, Apple.

So I got up early today (9am) to watch S-Jobs slap on his fancy blue jeans and black shirt and tell me nothing I wanted to hear. Let's review:

Time Capsule: They took the cord off of the external hard drive. Somehow my world remains unshaken.

iTunes: Renting videos! I'm seeing some utility here, and i'm piqued. I'm also seeing a bit of desperation from the Apple TV camp (Please, folks, go buy one. I don't want next year's keynote to have to sell this thing again). My world is getting arrogant in its unshakability.

iPhone: New stuff! New, not-particularly-interesting stuff! Stocks! Maps! Everything you could've gotten in a Helio and/or Blackberry! On an Apple product! My world is taking a nap.

and then... out of nowhere:

MacBook Air!!! ...I've composed a poem for this little slice of hardware:

Shall I compare thee to an old MacBook?
Thou art slower, and more expensive;
thin frame doth shake the old comp's hook
and leaves consumers awed and pensive,
Sometime they might enjoy CD's to hear,
or watch a DVD of Good Luck Chuck,
but Air cannot contain the discs so near
and begs you spend an extra hundred bucks.
The screen, she calls like siren for your touch
to pinch, rotate, and move with just a swipe
but still the fingers kiss cannot do much
and forced am I to sit alone and gripe.
For ne'er was I in more reluctant woe,
than waiting for a newer MacBook Pro.

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