Thursday, July 5, 2007

You Should Listen To... Vol. 2

i'd originally figured this was going to be about the new Justice album, but i've decided to go for something a bit less well-publicized. I picked up Ma Fleur By The Cinematic Orchestra, and i'm happy to report it sounds exactly as I imagined it would. It sounds like a soundtrack for a movie titled "Ma Fleur" (My flower, in french as far as I can tell).
If anyone has heard any Unwed Sailor albums, the tone is very similar. It feels very unintrusive and background to whatever else is happening. But at the same time, it keeps its sounds varied, an achievement that Unwed Sailor never even attempted. I mean, i loved The Marionette & The Music Box, but it got to a point where if I listened to it at bedtime and didn't immediately fall asleep I'd have to change it out of aggravating boredom.
In a very cute way, there are 4 musicians who appear on several tracks but are not counted as full members. Instead, on each song they appear, the song is affixed with "Feat. Fontella Bass" or "Feat. Patrick Watson" for each and every performance.
Now, obviously an album named after flowers and french shit is not going to be very radio-friendly (or pitchfork-friendly, but who the fuck cares), so tell your friends that their new studying album has arrived. It certainly brightened up this post. Notice how few negative things I managed to include?

Also, on 7/7/07 there's going to be a 77-Drummer drum circle in New York featuring The Boredoms as well as some really awesome drummers from some really awesome bands: Andrew WK (himself), Modest Mouse, Holy Fuck, Lightning Bolt, Gang Gang Dance, Man Man, White Magic, Celebration, No Neck Blues Band, M. Ward, and Codeine. That would be so much fun, I hope they videotape.

Some more good news: My favorite campy cyborg rock band The Octopus Project is releasing a new album. And bad news: So are too-little-too-late comeback addicts Metallica.


Rodrigo said...
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Mike Guardabascio said...

i loved that album...