Sunday, July 1, 2007

In the Kitchen cookin' up bands

okay, not MY kitchen. That room is dead to me. Ya ever see the Aqua Teen episode where Frylock leaves and Shake and Meatwad start burning trash and tossing around raw chicken? They almost filmed that here. The indigenous flies here, however, were asking too much in pay. Ick.

The Made-up bands!

1. David Hasselhoff Fights A Tiger: Sure, it might be a little misleading. But put this on a marquis, I guarantee you'll sell out the show. It doesn't even matter what the band would sound like.

2. Sunshine Machine: It's your normal industrial rock fare, with a twist. Instead of some black-haired firebrand growling out his problems, it'll be blond-haired kids yowling about birthday parties, bike rides, and that time mom let them lick the batter off the mixer blades.
So instead of "I wanna fuck you like an animal," they'd sing "I wanna buy you a stuffed animal."

3. The Cusacks: Lloyd Dobler busts out some electro beats from his tape player. An animated Dimitri is on vocals, and Rob Gordon's on the wheels of steel. I assume they'd play that Van Halen song that the burger does in that one movie. Oh, and of course Joan would be up there somewhere with like a tambourine. Chicks would sooo dig it.

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