Wednesday, July 4, 2007

...and your iPhone don't rock and roll.

I know how much people love to "txt" and shit, but the overwhelming need to own an iPhone never hit me. It was rough too, and I felt a little bit like that sad cloud-wordbubble-thing from the zoloft commercials because I simply could not feel the joy that everyone around me felt for this magic gadget.

But now, at last, i have found my own golden calf:

That's right. My two loves, videogames and music, have just made a friggin' crazy lovechild. It's probably going to cost $200 or more, but whatever. Look how much fun those four were having. And assuming that the game manages to fully implement downloadable content, this one could just keep rockin' me til the end. I'm not a big fan of the two vocals being overlayed, and I must humbly request that there be an option to remove the real vocal so that the player vocal can fly and flail on his own without having the contrast of what it's "supposed" to sound like behind them. Also, I really hope they make it more open to user-created songs. The youtube videos i've seen of user-created Guitar Hero songs has proven to me that there are some talented individuals with very interesting musical tastes and I'd love to see the game meme-ify itself like that. I mean, after all, it's not very exciting to be doing the same stuff everyone else is doing. I see a LOT of potential here and I'd hate to see it wasted.

I missed this piece of news yesterday:
Stephen Brodsky, frontman of the currently-on-hiatus Cave In, announced that his new band Octave Museum was breaking up for unspecified reasons. However, he did provide this delightfully snotty blurb which hints at possible reasons... "We would like to say thanks to all of you who supported our hopes and creativity by buying our album and enjoying it. Also thanks to all of you who borrowed the CD to put it into your iPod thinking, 'Well, if it comes out on vinyl I'll actually pay for that,' because, you know, you totally were going to pick it up, but you were just broke that week and, you know, like, whatever, you know?" In case you missed that, he was not-so-subtly attacking people for listening to his music without paying for it because they were broke. He later blamed a turnip for his inability to get blood out of it.

In a coordinated response, the Octave Museum fans announced, "We would like to say thanks to Cave In for making such powerful and creative music for us to purchase and enjoy. Also thanks to Octave Museum for hopping into a recording studio and thinking, 'Well if it sells a lot of records we'll actually go and record something worth listening to,' because, you know, you were totally going to write some good stuff, but you were just uninspired that week and, you know, like, whatever, you know?"

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