Sunday, June 17, 2007

What Is And What Should Never Be

This idea is almost CERTAIN to fail. So let's throw it on out there. I'm going to make up 3 bands which should exist. If any of you out there are musically inclined, you may then form these bands only with my permission. Trademark, biatch.

1. Bone-Thugz-On-Ecstasy
Pretty self-explanatory. What if instead of rapping about bitches and money they started rapping about how much they love everything and how good it feels to rub Icy Hot on themselves. Instant classic.

2. The Transients
The other day I saw a man dancing around with a guitar for money on the street. I've heard a lot about the hardships of touring but I can't imagine they'd be any worse than the hardships of being that guy. And if a group of homeless guys formed a band, all of their homeless-person craziness would be written off as Rockstar quirks.

3. Wolf Bubbles
Michael Buble + Wolf Eyes = Awesome. He'd be all angry at them for running around high and smacking themselves with medieval weapons, and they'd be all angry at him for his stern refusal to emote. It'd be the greatest musical odd couple since Oasis.

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