Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make Up the Breakdown (of blog posting)

So i'm about a day behind, but i've been a busy little bee. This morning I woke up at the crack of 10 and interviewed the newest member of my favorite live band, Gogol Bordello. His name is Thomas and he's originally from Ethiopia and he's an amazing punk/dub/reggae/everything bassist. We had a great chat about how the punk and reggae movements intertwined.

Also, apparently some guys on the campus raved to some of the Union staff about how funny my "10 things I hate about music" article was. I would link it here, but Sean Boulger is fucking lazy and doesn't get shit done without constant badgering. I hope he reads this.

By the way... leave more comments, people. I require an everlasting fount of praise and scorn. Just ask my ex's.

3 Bands that should start existing:

It's like Dragonforce, but it's gangsta. Not that the twirling double-helix guitar solos don't sound entirely appropriate over Valhalla-related lyrics, but what if they pulled that robo-shred explosion over Impala-related lyrics?

Zombie Rock: Music for the undead! Imagine it: a whole crowd of mindless, flesh-hungry monsters trying to dance along but finding themselves completely lacking the coordination for it! Oh right, that band's called the Kottonmouth Kings. Snap!

Phil Spector's Prisonettes: I think Phil could still put his pop group skills to work in the slammer. And... he could still sleep with (and slap around) the talent! Huzzah! Seriously though, lock Spector up. Even just as punishment for pulling a gun on the Ramones. Even just as punishment for "You've lost that loving feeling."

It's tired in here.

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Wynner said...

I think you know this already, but I am definitely down for zombie rock. baaaannnnddds, baaaAAANNNDDDDZZZ!