Thursday, June 21, 2007

Only Sick Music Makes Money Today. --Nietzsche

First, some blog business:
I rearranged the layout a bit (it's wider now) and changed the color scheme (it's lighter now) and I changed my picture from the old 3D X-ray of my head with my 3D face over it to an old picture of me run through the Fresco filter on photoshop6 (partly cause I think it looks cool, partly cause the colors match). If you like it, leave a comment! yay!

Second, some self-promotion:
My review of the Sage Francis/Buck 65 show went up on the Ground Control site today. check it twice, here. And If you backtrack to the main page, you can check out my interview with Sean Tillmann of Sean Na Na & Har Mar Superstar. Here.

Third: I need a job.
Seriously. If anyone knows anyone, now's the time to drop my name.

Fourth: David Thorpe, a guy I have a serious journo-crush on, made a Mims reference in his column this week. Coincidence? yes! Click here and judge for yourself.

Music News:
Topping the charts this week is Toby "Shock'n" Keith's album Big Dog Daddy, which I can only assume has something to do with those T-shirts that people with uncontrollable attitudes use to warn others. My uncle wears them as a way of informing me that I should stay off the green since I can't putt with the big dogs. Some may be surprised to hear that according to E! Online, Toby is a "politically polarizing" country star. It seems that the bar for being any sort of political force gets lowered everyday. Look out world, Toby Keith's got opinions. Just read his T-shirt.

Pete Townshend does not support downloading music. Kiddie porn, though, that's a much more complicated issue with no clear-cut answers. Right, Petey?

Michael Jackson settled another lawsuit involving him screwing a finance company over a $273 million dollar loan. In a press conference, Michael said he would undergo elective surgery to adjust his facial expression to reflect his feelings regarding the legal matter.

Johnny Rodriguez was a country star in the 70's and now he's busted on drug charges. I was going to say more, but who cares? Bye Johnny. Catch you on the county fair circuit.

The not-quite-memorable members of Motley Crue have sued Tommy Lee's manager for offering him two gigs on reality shows. The 2 shows cost the band show revenues, quality time with the T-man, and the severe bummer of not being cool enough for reality television. fuuuuck. If only there were some sort of licensed professional they could call who could make them feel good, or at least make them feel alright.

Wow. Music news is boring. I'm taking a mulligan tonight and we'll try again tomorrow.


Mike Guardabascio said...

in all honesty, duproix, i liked the old picture better. this one is cool though. do another overanalysis!!

Matt Dupree said...

That's a weekly gig. I gotta space those out. i'll do another one on saturday.