Friday, June 29, 2007

Cosas Malas Sobre Personas Agradables

It's a mah-fuckin' friday. Y'all know what that means. Hit it:

1. The Used: Chubbychaser frontman Bert McCracken has a developed a node on his vocal cords and will likely have to undergo major surgery, which will then probably alter his voice forever. THAT, my friends, is the power of prayer.

2. Weezer: By keeping their hype alive with constant break-up rumors, the shittiest band to ever write a hit song has finally decided to possibly write another hit song. The album is still untitled but rest assured that right now there's a meeting at Pitchfork Media HQ with the sole purpose of finding the most entertaining ways of saying "Huge Fucking Disappointment."

3. My Chemical Romance: This is going to be a pattern I fear. After Marilyn Manson said that some of his lyrics were cutting remarks to the band, frontcunt Gerard Way responded that it was a hollow statement because Manson was trying to promote his new record. I also feel that MCR is a big black bag of dog-vomit, but i've got a blog to promote so those comments don't count either. Also, does that mean that Manson wrote that song on the album and those lyrics on the album to promote the album? That is so meta. In other news, Gerard Way announced he would be getting married and that the band has a new album coming out.

4. Spice Girls: They're reuniting. My ears are sad but my penis is pretty stoked on it. You can't keep girl power (or Victoria B's tits for that matter) down.

5. 50 Cent: He got busted for lip-syncing. This would normally be something to try and forget about, but given 50's track record I assume we'll have to hear about it in his next record:

"I got shot 9 times for dealin' some crack out
busted for syncin', they dropped mah vocal track out
Punks think they hard, they know 50's harder
While they out sellin' pot, I shill for Vitamin Water"

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